Host a Back-to-School Party with this Free Download!

Back when our kids were in elementary school, we’d get together with another family the night before school started. The chief purpose was to pray for the year ahead, but we’d throw in the promise of an ice cream sundae party (with all the toppings) as a way to lure the kids, and the evening became a much-loved tradition.

As the children grew, the friend group expanded. One year we had eight families show up. To keep the trains on time (the teenagers wanted to pray the prayers, eat the ice cream, and get home to finish their summer reading) and be sure we covered the basics, each family got a topic. One prayed for the teachers, one for the school’s athletic teams, one for the kids’ academics…you get the idea. Everything went pretty smoothy – except for that one year when the school bus crashed into a split-rail fence on Day One. Nobody got hurt, but the dad who had prayed for “Carpools and Bus Safety” lost some of his cred.

Our kids are mostly grown and, with only Robbie celebrating the “first day,” we aren’t eating much ice cream. I miss those days. This year, though, I’ve heard from three moms who have put their own twist on tradition. One’s dishing up pizza-and-prayer with the neighbors, another is having women over for a back-to-school prayer coffee, and a third told me she’d purchased copies of Praying the Scriptures for Your Children for a group of her pals and invited them to come for “Wine, Cheese, and Prayer.”

That’s my kind of Girls’ Night Out.

If you’re sending kids back to school this month, why not host your own prayer party? You’ll find more than 200 prayer prompts in the books, but if you’re short on time (or cash) and you want a free-and-easy tool to get you started, why not try these?


These prayer cards are a sneak peek at some of the “wisdom” verses from Praying the Scriptures for Your Adult Children (which comes out next year). I use them for my grown-up kids, but they work well for all ages. Click here to download the collection. (You’ll have to cut them out for yourself; it helps to use card stock, but any old paper will do). You can use these prayers during your back-to-school prayer time and then send them home with your guests as party favors!

Happy praying…and as you send your crew out the door this year, may the Lord watch over their coming and going, both now and forevermore! (Psalm 121:8)


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