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“I love how easy it is to insert my children’s names into the scriptural prayers at the end of each chapter—trusting that when I don’t have the right words, I can use these prayers and be confident that I’m praying God’s will over their lives.”

Audrey Roloff, New York Times bestselling author of A Love-Letter Life

“It can be tempting to put prayer on the back burner amidst the demands of parenting, but Jodie Berndt reminds us that the Lord works mightily in our kids’ lives as we intercede for them.”

Jim Daly, president, Focus on the Family

“I love this book because I love God’s Word, and this book is filled with God’s Word. Your soul will be revived, restored, and given great hope as your read it.”

Fern Nichols, founder, Moms in Prayer International

“With prayer as natural as breathing, Berndt reminds us again and again of the power of God’s Word for prayer, peace, and healing. A mighty book with mighty power!”

Patti Callahan, New York Times bestselling author of Becoming Mrs. Lewis

“With worn, ear-marked pages, this book has traveled with me across state lines, and it has found a home on my bedside table. It continues to bring me back to the best parenting strategy I know—prayer.”

Sara Hagerty, bestselling author of Unseen: The Gift of Being Hidden in a World That Loves to Be Noticed and Adore

“Many mornings, I’ll find my husband using Jodie’s books to pray for our five boys. What a gift to see our boys’ earthly father talking to their heavenly Father on their behalf!”

Jeannie Cunnion, author of Mom Set Free


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