How can we pray God’s best for the ones who leave our homes—but never our hearts? That’s the question behind Praying the Scriptures for Your Adult Children. Each chapter focuses on a different stage of adulthood, with encouraging stories from parents who’ve prayed their grown-up kids through some of life’s trickiest places. And, as in the first two books in this series, each chapter ends with a collection of power-packed, biblically based prayers you can personalize for your own family. Whether you are praying for your child’s marriage, a young adult’s addiction, or a beloved prodigal, you’ll find courage and strength in these pages. And as you tether your prayers to God’s promises, you will discover his peace.




This is the best kind of book—one you pray-read because it informs your mind while also invoking your prayers. I found myself devouring Jodie’s unassuming (but wise) insight and then pausing to pray the Scripture she lists. And then I would read again. And then stop to pray. This book will never make it to my bookshelf, because it has already found a permanent home on my bedside table. I’ll pray-read it again and again. (And—psst—these pages are for parents with children of all ages, like mine are, not just those with grown children.)

- Sara Hagerty, author of Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet and Unseen

I love this book! You hold in your hands an amazing Scripture-saturated resource with real-life, true stories that will turn your fears into expectant hope. You have the opportunity of partnering with God in the destiny he has for your adult children through prayer.

- Fern Nichols, founder of Moms in Prayer International

Once again, Jodie Berndt has done her homework. As the mother of seven grown children, five of whom have added their spouses to our family mix, I read each chapter of this book with a heart hungry for encouragement and hope. I wasn’t disappointed! I have been reinvigorated to “take my stand at the wall” and believe God for my children, their spouses, and my grandchildren. Thank you, Jodie, I needed this!

- Terry Meeuwsen, cohost of The 700 Club and founder of Orphan’s Promise

Jodie Berndt’s books, Praying the Scriptures for Your Children and Praying the Scriptures for Your Teen, were on our bedside table for almost two decades. We prayed through a different chapter every night. All the peaceful sleep we had raising five kids we owe to God, who met us through the prayers Jodie so wisely crafted. We are overjoyed to continue this journey of trusting God as we read Praying the Scriptures for Your Adult Children.

- Mark and Susan Merrill, founders of Family First and authors of The Passionate Mom and All Pro Dad

Why is this the book that every mom and dad should have in their hands? Because we do our best parenting through prayer. And yet if you’re like me, your parenting may suggest you think it’s through problem solving, worrying, and fixing. Jodie Berndt shares inspiring, tender, and humorous stories to demonstrate that the most powerful thing we can do for our children is pray, and she equips us to pray the power of God’s Word over every aspect of their adult lives. The prayers woven into her books have blessed, protected, and enriched (in ways we likely don’t even know!) the hearts and lives of our four boys.

- Jeannie Cunnion, author of Mom Set Free and Parenting the Wholehearted Child